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Ceredo - Kenova

Long before Cleveland had "The Jake" or Arizona had "The Bob", Ceredo-Kenova had "The Mitch".  Mitch Stadium stands proudly as a community landmark on the border between the sister cities of Ceredo and Kenova. 

Little League Baseball first came to Ceredo-Kenova in 1953.  After the 1954 season, commercial development and eminent domain forced the league's founding fathers to find a new playing field.  Floyd Stark, the league's first President, stepped forward and donated the land to the league.  Stark, Grey Maynard, Herb Stephens, Ted Smith, Wetzel McCoy, and countless others set forth to build a new ballpark.   As construction progressed, Elmer Mitchell arrived and volunteered his services.  For 27 years he never left, making the press box his home and acting as a friend and surrogate parent to thousands of youngsters.  "Big Mitch", a Kenova police officer, became the unofficial ambassador of Ceredo-Kenova Little League Baseball, serving as groundskeeper, concession stand operator, and general sage to all who would listen.  In 1975, the C-K community honored Mitchell for his service, changing the facility's name to "Mitch Stadium".  Big Mitch continued his commitment and dedication to the league until his death in 1981.
In 1957, Harold "Had" Dale immigrated to Kenova from Iaeger and brought with him a tireless work ethic and a wonderful understanding of what a baseball field should be.  For decades, Mitchell and Dale directed the efforts of many to maintain the pristine condition of Mitch Stadium, setting a standard of excellence seldom seen outside of South Williamsport, Pa., Little League baseball's International headquarters.

Mitch Stadium